Commodities are the raw materials used by major industries around the world, they are the precious resources of the countries.

We at SAS FX present to our investors the ability to trade commodities on margin, where they can sell and buy those products from the comfort of their own house during the times presented in this table.



Product Symbol Exchange Product margin Minimum spread (pips) Average spread (pips) Typical spread (pips) Trading hours
Cocoa COCOA.fs NYBOT 3% 8 8 8 Monday 04:45 - Friday 13:30
Coffee COFFEE.fs CBOT 3% 25 2.7104 2.5 Monday 04:15 - Friday 13:30
Copper COPPER.fs COMMEX 3% 6 6 6 Sunday 17:00 - Friday 16:00
Palladium vs US Dollar XPDUSD COMMEX 1% 40 Not Available Not Available Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Platinum v US Dollar XPTUSD NYMEX 1% 11.1 9.2084 8.5 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Soy Bean SOYBEAN.fs CBOT 3% 12.5 1.33351 1.25 Sunday 19:00 - Friday 13:20
Please note that all our spreads are variable and dependent on the underlying market prices. In normal conditions we can usually offer our ‘minimum’ spread but these will increase when the underlying market spread widens. Market prices can widen at illiquid times of the day or when major news or economic data is released.

The ‘minimum’ spread shows the tightest spread available for any given product. The ‘average’ and ‘typical’ spread shows the average (mean) and the most common (mode) respectively in a 24 hour period. These are updated for the last trading day of each month.